​Wandering Jews

​Wandering Jew Plants are available in the following varieties:

Silver/Green/Plum     Green & White     Burgandy & Silver     Green/White/Mauve  

1" Wandering Jew Plants

Style A-Planter
Choose Variety
1"-$14 (approximately 7" of vines)

Style B-Planter
Choose Variety
1"-$24 (approximately 14" of vines)

Style C-Hanging Planter
Choose Variety
1"-$24 (approximately 14" of vines)

Style D-Hanging Planter
Choose Variety
1"-$48 (approximately 28" of vines)

Style E-Hanging Planter
Choose Variety
1"-$96 (approximately 56" of vines)

Small Scale Wandering Jew

In a Pot ​        Hanging Basket

1/2"-$13        $16  
1/4"-$12        $14



​Mophead Hydrangeas

​Mophead Hydrangeas are available in various arrangements/styles and colors, Choose your desired arrangement/style, then choose a color below:

Pink, Blue, Blue/Pink Mix, Purple, Burgundy, Green & White 

One Bloom Mophead Hydrangea in a Clay Pot 
Choose Color

Mophead Hydrangeas in a Glass Vase w/Water or Ceramic Vase
Choose Color
One Bloom     Three Blooms      
1"-$16              1"-$44                  
1/2"-$12           1/2"-$32               
1/4"-$9             1/4"-$23               

Single Mophead Hydrangea Stems Loose
Choose Color

Buds          Leaves Only
1"-$7           1"-$6
1/2"-$5        1/2"-$4
1/4"-$4        1/4"-$3

Fell free to customize an arrangement with blooms, buds, leaves.

Lacecap Hydrangeas

Available in the following colors and arrangements:

White, White w/Purple, Purple, Pink w/White, and Blue

One Bloom Lacecap Hydrangea

in a Glass Vase

​Three Lacecap Hydrangea

Blooms in a Glass Vase

Oak Leaf Hydrangeas
1"-$20 each stem

Picture on the right is two 

Oak Leaf Hydrangeas and 

Hosta Leaves